Publication – Seeding the CLT in Africa

New publication by Claire Simonneau and Ellen M. Bassett, with Emmanuel Midheme

The Tanzania-Bondeni Community Land Trust emerged as a reaction to the failure of past policy responses that had attempted to improve conditions in underserved settlements developed through the unauthorized, insecure occupation of urban land. Tanzania-Bondeni is an informal settlement of 3000 people located on the edge of Voi, a secondary town in Kenya. In 1994, a participatory planning process led by the settlement’s elders resulted in a decision among long-time residents to form a CLT. The process of establishing the Tanzania-Bondeni Community Land Trust is explored in the present chapter. Considered, too, are the organization’s positive impacts, internal failures, and the prospects for wider CLT development in Kenya and in Africa.

Reference: Simonneau, C., Bassett, E. M., & (with) Midheme, E. (2020). Seeding the CLT in Africa: Lessons from the early efforts to establish Community Land Trusts in Kenya. Dans J. E. Davis, L. Algoed & M. Hernandez-Torrales (dir.), On Common Ground. International Perspectives on the Community Land Trust (p. 245-261): Terra Nostra Press.

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