International Seminar in Yangon – Urban Collective Land Tenure Systems and Community Land Trusts for Low-Income Housing

We had the pleasure to participate in the international seminar on urban collective land tenure systems from international and Myanmar perspectives, organized by the IRD and Yangon Technological University.  See the program below!

As in many cities over the world, access to land for housing in Yangon has become a challenge. Over the past ten years, the economic and political openness, coupled with extreme weather events, has led to the arrival in the city of many new households. It put a strain on the urban land and real estate markets and led to a sharp increase in the number of precarious neighborhoods, and to a quick developement of informal peri-urban land markets. This is also linked to the modification of the land legislative framework since 2012.
The seminar will present and discuss the recent researches on urban common land for low-cost housing and the land tool of Community land Trust (CLT). It will address its application for the production of housing at very low cost in several countries, in particular in link with in informal areas. Finally, the event will discuss the opportunity to think of adapting or taking inspiration from this tool for new kinds of housing schemes for low-income households in Yangon.

>> Full program